Monday, November 12, 2012

1550s German Dress Diary- Kirtle / underdress

The Kirtle

Fabric: Silk
Weight: Light with a medium weight lining
Color: Green
Yardage: 4.5 yards

So I have a drapped Kirtle partern that I can pretty much make in my sleep at this point. Below is an image from the class I teach on drafting a kirtle pattern, drawn by my friend Heather

The second image from the left is the one I will use to modify my 13th C kirtle pattern to at 15th C German appropriate kirtle pattern. 

The Kampfrau will also be based on this. Alterations to be made:

  • Square and lower the neckline in front an back. 
  • Side lacings instead of front lacings as pictured. 
  • I want the front to be a solid peice of fabric too, so I'll have to move my "boob bump" from the inside edge to the outside edge of the pattern.
  • Sleeveless and thin strapped (maybe 1 in)

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