Monday, November 12, 2012

1550s German Dress Diary- Hemd / Chemise / Undershirt

Warning: I stole almost all of this from Learning to Fly. These are her patterns.

The Hemd 

Fabric: Linen
Weight: Light/sheer
Color: White
Yardage: 4 yards

 So this is the pattern off of Learning to Fly's blog. It's in cm, using the full width of the fabric.

I am not QUITE that ambitious... I think that I am going to use the half width of the fabric. So my pattern will be 75 cm across, 95 down

 Here is how she sewd it together. On her Hemd its 31cm to from A to X, and she says that is a tight sleeve so I think I will make mine a little looser by sewing down 34cm.

The blue area marks the part of the fabric that will be smocked into the's gonna be a long process.

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