Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Men's SCA garb gallery

I made this photo gallery in order to show my boyfriend some of the many garb styles available to men in the SCA. It's a small sampling, but its a good place to start when your new!  I didnt take any of these pictures and sadly have no idea where I got them all as I have a tendency to just collect cool images of garb from the interwebs. If you know where they're from let me know and I can give some credit!

8th Century Viking
Early Anglo-Saxon
9th Century
8th Century Anglo

9th Century Viking

11th Century

12th Century


13th Century?

14th Century Cotehardie

14th Century
15th Century Italian

14th century Dutch

15th Century English

15th Century Burgundian
16th Century Landskanecht

16th Century 

16th Century

17th Century Spanish

17th C Russian

17th Century